Monday, July 21, 2014

Thank You to Revolution 22!

Yesterday was Revolution 22's quarterly community outreach day in which the entire church spends a Sunday reaching out and helping various organizations and ministries throughout Boise. These are great days because they show how the love of Christ shines when we move toward those in the world.

Our ministry was blessed to have a group of people from Rev 22 come to the Kingsland Ministry home and do some much needed painting preparation.

We wish to express our thanks to Revolution 22 and all of those that helped out yesterday. What a blessing to know that we are now a bit closer to having the outside of the house completely painted!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Band of Brothers in Boise Idaho (Video)

Earlier this month we were blessed to be visited by "The Band of Brothers" from Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy Texas. They came here as missionaries to help us with some much needed work on our new men's ministry home now known as the "Kingsland Ministry Home." They also were able to see first hand the situation of Boise's lost and outcast homeless community and the dire need for the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the darkest parts of this city.

We are so grateful for all the help and support that Kingsland Baptist has provided us with and we pray that the spirit of Christ's love that they brought here to Boise will be multiplied in the Kingsland Ministry Home and in the lives of the men who will call it home.

Brian Stone, the Generations Pastor at Kingsland Baptist put together this beautiful video from their visit.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Three Wonderful Days - A Photo Essay

For three days last week we were blessed to be visited by a "Band of Brothers" sent to us by Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy Texas. These men, led by my good friend Omar Garcia who is the missions pastor at Kingsland, were here on a mission to help our ministry with much needed improvements to our new men's ministry home. Kingsland graciously purchased all of the materials and the men worked long hours for two straight days doing work that will be a blessing to the men in this home for many years to come.

Kingsland has been an integral part in our ministry for the last five years, and since we came to Boise they have helped sustain us through their support and prayers. One of the driving forces for me personally in ministry is to bring to Boise Idaho the love and graciousness of Christ that Kingsland Baptist shares all over the world. So, in recognition and gratitude to Kingsland Baptist I will be working on a new sign this week that will be placed at the front of the home declaring it's new name - "Kingsland Ministry Home".
The "Kingsland Ministry Home."
After the long hours of hard work on Thursday and Friday we all headed north on Saturday to visit YWAM Idaho in Cascade and then we spent the rest of the day hiking in McCall. What an awesome time it was enjoying the great outdoors with the Band of Brothers.

The Band of Brothers standing next to the Payette river. (L to R: Omar, Alan, Brian, Neal, Gil, Matt, Danny)

What a blessing to spend the day with my son Wyatt and good friend, inspiration and mentor Omar Garcia.

The view of the Payette river from YWAM's back porch with a Mongolian ger on the riverbank.

My friend Zach Hooley showing the team YWAM's prayer ger.

My son Wyatt hanging out in the ger.

Danny, Zach, Neal, Gil, and Omar checking out Zach's transportation.

Doug climbing into the old train caboose that Zach's parent's converted into a living area - very cool!

The whole crew with ger's in the background.

Zach and I

Entering the trailhead in Ponderosa state park in McCall.

Omar and I hiking together - a dream come true for me!

What more could I ask for than spending the day with my son and eight Godly men!

Wyatt and Omar kept up a quick pace and led the way all day.

My new friend Neal. A very funny Scotsman with a big heart!

A McCall local Wyatt got a photo of.

Wyatt and I at the half way point where we all gathered for a time of devotion.

Neal and I.

The lily pond.

Brian, myself, Gil, and Neal.

A big Thank You goes out to Kingsland Baptist church and to the entire Band of Brothers: Omar, Brian, Gil, Alan, Matt, Danny, and Neal. You all blessed our ministry and gave us some of the best days of our lives. God Bless you all!

Please read Omar's blog posts about their time here:

God Bless,


Monday, June 2, 2014

New Men's Ministry Home Dedication

Hello Everyone,

Please come join us this coming Friday June 6th at 6pm for the dedication of our new men's ministry home located at 2700 Wymer Street in Boise.

On Wednesday a missions team of seven men will be arriving from Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy Texas. They are coming as missionaries to help us share the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Boise and to do much needed work on this new home. Friday will be the final day of work while they are here and the dedication ceremony will be the official launch of this home in the ministry.

Please come and meet this amazing group of Christian men led by my friends Omar Garcia and Gil Harris. Meet the men living in the home, and be there as we hang a six foot illuminated cross over the door. See the vision the Lord has laid on our hearts for this home and for the ministry and pray with us as we dedicate this home to the Lord's service and glory.

We hope to see you all there!

God Bless,


Monday, May 12, 2014

Friends in Ministry

My wife Laurie and I were blessed last summer to meet Matt and Heidi Keller who came to Rhodes Park one Sunday afternoon with Brandon Kindelberger from Discovery Church to help feed and minister to Boise's homeless community. Since that time, the Keller's (check out their website:, who run Mission Adventures for YWAM Idaho have made many trips down to Boise to help us out in serving the homeless.

I was blessed to spend yesterday evening with Matt and Kelly at their home in Cascade Idaho drinking tea and talking about the challenges and blessings of our ministry's, and the majesty of God's word. Then this morning we headed over to the YWAM headquarters where I met the wonderful staff and students and was blessed to share with them what The Way Ministry is all about and a brief message on Romans 12:1-2. We then shared an amazing time of intercessory prayer for our ministry that touched my heart and gave me a new and much needed peace and calm, and a sense of renewed and strengthened reliance on the Lord.

It became clear to me that the Lord brought our ministries together for a reason, and I am excited for the coming months when Matt and Heidi and the others from YWAM Idaho will be bringing teams of young disciples for Christ down to Boise to spend time with us sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those that are struggling in darkness and have been cast aside by society. I also hope to make as many trips as I can back to Cascade with my family and those in our ministry in order to help the Keller's and YWAM Idaho in any way the Lord leads.

We have been blessed to make some great new friends and hope to help and support each other carry out the great commission in an old fashioned gospel centered way.

Please keep Matt, Heidi, their three sons, and everyone at YWAM Idaho in your prayers. They are lighting small fires in young lives that will spread all over the world with the message of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

God Bless,

Matt & Heidi Keller and I at YWAM Idaho.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Overdue Ministry Update

What a surprise when I realized last night that it has been nearly a month since I posted a ministry update!

Our plate has been very full with so many new projects to take care of since we started the new men's ministry home. The work on the home has been moving forward, not as quickly as we had hoped due to a very limited budget, and quite honestly a feeling at times of being overwhelmed with so many jobs to tackle at once. But it has been moving forward.

We have been blessed over recent weeks to have had Brandon Kindelberger and some volunteers from Discovery Church help out, as well as the department of Juvenile Corrections spending a couple of days working on the house with teens serving community service time. The man that manages the kid's from Juvenile Corrections shared with us how impressed he was with the men living in the house and how openly they shared the gospel message with the kids.

There are currently five men living in the new home. There is a young man moving in this week, a man who gets out of prison next week will be moving in, there are two men scheduled to move in during May, and Doug and I will be interviewing three men tomorrow who are scheduled to be released from prison soon. The five men in the home now are a great core group who will each be an integral part in building the growing fellowship aimed at raising up disciples for the Lord.

The Rhodes Park Outreach has made a transition to being more focused on street ministry. After one and a half years of being at Rhodes Park every single Sunday and feeding between 100 and 200 people we just could not keep up with the necessary food preparation with such a limited budget. We took the month of April off and starting in May a few times a month we will be hitting the streets around Rhodes Park with food, clothing, necessities, and most importantly Bibles, Gospel tracts, and the Gospel message. Our hope and prayer is that by being more directly and intentionally involved at the personal level that the Lord will bring forward those individuals that can transition from the streets to one of our ministry homes and grow in a personal relationship with Him. Making this change to the Rhodes Park Outreach was a very difficult decision to make, but we feel this is a change the Lord has led us to.

We now have five Recovery Reformation meetings each week. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday meetings are held at the Men's Ministry homes. Wednesday we have a meeting for both men and women at the Eagle United Methodist Church. And a new meeting starts this Wednesday evening at the offices of Three Oaks Ministries in Boise.

If you are in Idaho then I'm sure you have heard of a non-profit fundraising event that happens this Thursday, May 1st called Idaho Gives. On that day, people will be helping out by making donations to their favorite Idaho non-profit organizations. We have decided to participate in order to provide much needed funds for this growing ministry. You do not have to live in Idaho to participate. If you would like to learn more please visit the New Hope Christian Ministries dba The Way Ministry's page at Idaho gives by clicking on the image below. Please help make this a success for The Way Ministry!

The Way Ministry has been blessed for our ministry homes to be places of Christian Brotherhood and Fellowship that are raising up disciples for Christ. Each man that comes to us, whether from homelessness, prison, or struggling under the bondage of addiction is touched in some way and varying degrees by the gospel and we get to witness the transforming power of God. 

We have also been very blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends who volunteer and support this ministry and we wish to thank each one of you. As the ministry grows, we are faced with new and unique challenges and we appreciate knowing that you are with us on this road.

Please pray for the ministry, all those who are reached by it, those who support it, and those that lead and work in and through it.

God Bless,

Chad Prigmore

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Day of Helping from Discovery Church

Earlier this week we were blessed by Discovery Church here in Boise who sent a team to help out for a day by doing work on our new Men's Ministry Home. Brandon Kindelberger is the youth Pastor and he brought a team of kids and adults that did everything from mowing the lawn and pulling weeds to tearing out the old floor in the kitchen and painting throughout the interior of the house.

It was a great day and we enjoyed working alongside such a wonderful group of people. We have been a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work this new home needs and it was awesome to see how much had been done by the end of the day.

They even brought a trailer and hauled off a bunch of shrubbery and garbage that needed to be gotten rid of!

A Big Thank You goes out to Brandon and everyone that helped!

There is still a vast amount of work and repairs that need to be done in this home, so please pray for us as we strive to transform this house over the coming weeks and months.