Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Day of Helping from Discovery Church

Earlier this week we were blessed by Discovery Church here in Boise who sent a team to help out for a day by doing work on our new Men's Ministry Home. Brandon Kindelberger is the youth Pastor and he brought a team of kids and adults that did everything from mowing the lawn and pulling weeds to tearing out the old floor in the kitchen and painting throughout the interior of the house.

It was a great day and we enjoyed working alongside such a wonderful group of people. We have been a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work this new home needs and it was awesome to see how much had been done by the end of the day.

They even brought a trailer and hauled off a bunch of shrubbery and garbage that needed to be gotten rid of!

A Big Thank You goes out to Brandon and everyone that helped!

There is still a vast amount of work and repairs that need to be done in this home, so please pray for us as we strive to transform this house over the coming weeks and months.

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Men's Ministry Home Update

Whiteboard at the new Men's Ministry Home
Work continues on the new Men's Ministry Home. Over recent weeks we have been removing old carpeting and tile, repairing drywall, scraping off old paint, and applying new paint. A couple of the guys have even fixed up a little raised garden in the backyard and prepared it for planting as spring draws near. But there is still lots and lots of work that needs to be done over the coming weeks and months.

Greg getting a wall ready for drywall repairs.

Big thank you's go out out to our friends Greg Mikel for helping with repairs and electrical, Jake and Jessica Hixon for donating a washer and dryer set which was very much needed, Justin James for hauling the washer and dryer set to the house and unloading it, Rob for his help in paint prep, and for the guys in the house: Tyler, Ben, Shannon, Ron, and Jim for all their help.

Our newest resident Ben helping prep the Chapel area for paint.
There are now five men living in the house. Tomorrow we'll be meeting with a man we've known for a while and hopefully he will be able to move in on April 1st, and on Wednesday we'll be meeting with a homeless man that contacted us and we hope to get him moved in right away. The fellowship in the house is growing and the Lord is blessing us by bringing men to the house that all get along well and are supporting each other as they each strive to grow closer to Christ and rebuild their lives. Two men actually moved from one of the other houses to this house and are now helping to disciple the new guys!

Tyler painting a bedroom.
This last week some of the men from this new home were able to attend the Recovery Reformation meetings at our other two men's homes on Monday and Tuesday evenings. It was such a blessing to have them join with the others and we plan on starting a meeting at this home on either Thursday or Friday evenings very soon.

Some of the men have absolutely no ability to pay for anything when they first move in which puts a tremendous stress on the ministry financially. However, we have learned that by prayerfully choosing the right individuals that the Lord puts in our path, that lives are truly transformed in Christ. We must help them to get started moving in the right direction for the first couple of months. Many people who are living on the streets have become despondent and given up hope of ever again making a move back toward a normal and happy life. But we have seen the transformations that only Christ can bring about regardless of how seemingly lost an individual may appear to be. The two men that moved from one of our other ministry homes to this new one are shining examples of what the Lord can do in the lives of those who were once lost.

We ask that you please pray for all of the men that are currently living in this home and for all of those that will soon be joining them. Please also pray for us in the ministry as we work through this very challenging time as we strive to make this home into a place that will glorify God and raise up disciples in His service.

Also, please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry financially. We operate on a tiny budget with no reserves and only make it month to month by faith in the Lord and He always somehow makes ends meet. We now have over thirty men in housing and two women in a home in which we help manage. The lost are being reached, the gospel is being proclaimed, and lives are being transformed in Christ. But at this critical juncture we very much need committed Christian individuals and churches to please partner with us so that we can keep up with the opportunities the Lord has blessed us with.

To make a monthly or one time donation please visit our website: and click on one of the donate buttons on the right side.

You can also mail gift donations to: The Way Ministry
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If you have any questions about the new Men's Ministry Home or The Way Ministry in general please feel free to email me at or call me at 949-466-2729. 

Me acting like I know what I'm doing!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Men's Ministry Home Update

Work on the new men's ministry home has started!

Over the last week we have begun tearing out the very old and worn out carpeting from the living/dining and entry areas. Luckily the wood floor underneath is still usable but will need some repair and sanding before being refinished. Now we will tackle the very beat up floor in the kitchen which we already know will need repairing and then will be prepped for new linoleum.

The downstairs bedrooms in the house are not currently liveable and we need to have them move in ready as soon as possible. So by early next week we hope to have lots or drywall repair done, the old dirty carpet ripped out and new carpet scheduled to be installed. There is also some remodel and electrical work that needs to be done.

Tyler, a young man from one of our other ministry homes has been helping out with the new home. Tyler joined us about a year ago directly from Jail. He had battled alcohol for years and the courts did not know what to do with him any longer so they agreed to let him move into one of our homes. He has been freed by grace from his alcohol habit and now is a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ. What a joy it is to see the Lord transform a life right before our eyes!

Tyler lending a helping hand in the new ministry home.
We are so excited about this new home and the opportunity it offers to reach more men with the gospel and for lives to be transformed in Christ.

We need lots of prayer and support for this house as we move forward. If you would like to help in any way please email me at chad@the or call me at 949-466-2729.

God Bless,


Monday, February 10, 2014

A New Men's Ministry Home!

The Way Ministry has recently been blessed with the opportunity to open a third men's ministry home. We currently have two men's homes that are at maximum capacity and as a result we have been forced to turn away homeless men in need of housing for the last few months. The amazing thing is that we had no plans to add an additional home but the Lord had plans and this new home became possible without any real effort on our part.

In early January my co-pastor in the ministry, Doug Hardy was contacted by his neighbor who is a realtor. He told Doug about a client of his who had decided to sell a home he owns in Boise. He has been trying to run it as a secular halfway house but because he lives out of the area, the house has struggled and he finally decided to just sell it. Doug told his neighbor that the ministry would not be able to buy it but decided to at least go have a look. He called me right after checking out the house and told me it was very run down and dirty but had an absolutely perfect floor plan for a ministry home and that it would comfortably house between twelve and fifteen men as the house is about 3700 square feet. 

So Doug and I were both intrigued but knew it was way beyond the ministry's means to purchase the home. One of The Way Ministry's financial principals is that, "We will never enlarge or sustain this ministry by contracting debts. This is contrary to both the letter and the spirit of the New Testament. In secret prayer and God helping us, we will carry the needs of this ministry to the Lord and act according to the direction that He gives." So we decided to pray about it and to tell the realtor that if the property was sold to an investor that the ministry may be able to lease it from them. Then we just let it go from our minds.

About a week later the realtor contacted Doug and told him that the owner likes what our ministry does and would be willing to take the house off the market if we would like to lease it from him. So Doug and I discussed the opportunity and decided to proceed forward with caution and see if the owner would be willing to accept a few requirements that we would need in place in order to insure us the best possible chance of getting the house up and running as quickly as possible if we did decide to take his offer. We figured he might be willing to meet us halfway or maybe a bit more in order to help us out. But instead, he provided everything we asked for and then some. It was the easiest transaction I think we could have ever hoped for and the decision seemed to be made for us by God without us really having to do anything. This house literally just fell in our laps without any plans for it ever being discussed previously. 

So last Wednesday we signed the papers and moved in a homeless man that we know through the Rhodes Park Outreach the very same afternoon. His name is Shannon and he has been on the streets off and on for many years. He used to be a contractor and one day when he broke up a fight between two men on a job site, one of the men attacked him with a framing hammer and ended up piercing Shannon's skull and brain with the claws of the hammer. Since that time, Shannon has struggled with the effects of brain damage and has almost no short term memory. Because he could no longer work he ended up on the streets. He can be a hand full because he gets confused and frustrated when he can't remember things, but he loves going to church and attending bible studies. He has been in the house a few days now and is adjusting very well to having his own room, a radio, and his own tv set.

Move in day for Shannon!

This home, like our other ministry homes will be completely Christ centered and we will not seek government assistance due to the restrictions and requirements on Christian ministry's that are often put in place when the government is involved in providing funding. We feel that if the Lord blesses our work and we are glorifying Him that everything will be taken care of and all the homes and the ministry as a whole will prosper according to God's will.

This home will be a place of fellowship and the study of the word. The front room which is quite large will be made into a chapel and there will be regular church services, Recovery Reformation meetings, and worship. We have seen the power of God as he has transformed those in our other ministry homes and we believe He will do the same here.

This home will be the biggest opportunity The Way Ministry has taken on so far and we face a big challenge with the home in it's current condition. It was built in the 40's and looks like it has not had many upgrades since then. It is dirty inside and needs some repairs. So there is a lot of work to be done to fix it up which we need to start immediately as we have men ready to start moving in. We also face the challenge of making the monthly payments on it as not everyone who moves in will be able to pay any rent for their first few months. We have been successful in the other homes by moving men who are homeless in from the streets without any ability to pay. After a couple of months they are usually able to find work and begin paying their own way. But it takes a lot of faith and commitment to get them to that point.

Our ministry has become a 24/7 endeavor that we gladly accept. But we now need many more Christian individuals and Christian churches to hold the rope for us as we go deeper into the well of spiritual darkness with the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Secular agencies and organizations are just Bandaids that never transform people lost in worldly darkness because only Jesus can transform lives (Romans 12:2). This is an amazing opportunity for Christians to come together and be the light of Christ's love in the darkness (John 8:12).
What we are asking for as we begin this new venture is for any of you who feel called to help to please consider making a monthly commitment toward the support of this new home that will enable us to bring in men who have no current ability to pay rent or utilities. We must have committed sponsors to make this work. Or, if you cannot make a monthly commitment, please consider a one time gift to help us get off to the best possible start. This is a chance to touch lives in a direct and profound way that only Christ can do.

Please help us by holding the rope as we venture further into the darkness to reach those who are cast aside by society. Let's stand together and share the gospel with boldness, courage, and confidence!

To make a monthly or one time donation please visit our website: and click on one of the donate buttons on the right side.

You can also mail gift donations to: The Way Ministry
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If you have any questions about the new Men's Ministry Home or The Way Ministry in general please feel free to email me at or call me at 949-466-2729.

Thank you and God Bless!

Chad Prigmore 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Women's Ministry Home Update

Last Wednesday we were able to move a woman named Kate into the women's ministry home in Nampa Idaho. Kate has been homeless for a few years and has no source of income whatsoever, but was able to make the move due to the blessing of a women's bible study group. Our friend Tracy - who plays guitar and sings worship songs each Sunday at the Rhodes Park Outreach felt called to help Kate as did the other lady's in her group so they came together and helped Kate cover her first months expenses. This is a huge blessing and opportunity for Kate as well as being a challenge for her.

Being on the streets and in survival mode for so long can make it difficult for people to get back into some semblance of a normal life, as well as adjusting to sharing space with others who are dealing with struggles of their own. Please pray that Kate can make a successful transition to the ministry home and that this opportunity will be a turning point and the beginning for her of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please also pray for the two women currently living in the home with Kate. Lilian, who came into the house from the streets about a month ago just had surgery on her knee and will be recovering for many weeks. She has had to rely on a walker and hopes that this surgery will eliminate that need for her. Danielle, who just moved in recently was also homeless and is struggling with many health and emotional issues. So please pray that these women may find strength in the Lord to overcome the illnesses and challenges they are facing, and that they may find fellowship together in the Lord and grow closer to Him.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You

We at The Way Ministry wish to thank everyone that has helped support our work during 2013. As we enter a new year we have new opportunities arising to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and are in constant prayer that the Lord will continue to expand our territory and open new doors of opportunity in reaching those who are suffering in the darkness.

As we take on these new opportunities and the ministry expands we also face new demands on resources. So we hope that you all will continue to stand beside us as we continue in the battle to share the love of Christ whenever and wherever possible.

If you feel called to help The Way Ministry start off 2014 with a gift donation, please visit our website or and click one of the donation buttons on the right side of the page.

Checks can also be mailed to: The Way Ministry
                                              PO Box 5741
                                              Boise, ID 83705

God Bless You all and Best Wishes for a wonderful 2014!