Monday, September 8, 2014

A Wonderful Saturday at Veterans Park!

Last Saturday Take Up Your Cross Church and our friends from Valley Christian Center in Horseshoe Bend gathered once again at Veterans Park for Fellowship, The Gospel, and a BBQ Lunch.

We were blessed to have some new people from the community show up as well as some of our homeless friends from Rhodes Park. Our friends David and Bryan provided some great worship music, Sandy shared an inspirational message of her own journey and walk with the Lord, and I gave a brief sermon on the miracle of forgiveness and salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

We had some new faces in church on Sunday also!

It was a special day in which many of us made new friends, shared the love of Christ, and we even ended the day with a baptism in the Boise river!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Saturday a wonderful day!

God Bless,


Friday, September 5, 2014

Wednesday with the Homeless

This last Wednesday, a few of us from Take Up Your Cross, along with my friend Pastor Marty Broom and a few of the young people from Valley Christian Center in Horseshoe Bend headed down to Rhodes Park in downtown Boise to spend some time on the streets with the homeless.
Pastor Marty Broom (2nd from left), the kids from his church, and Shane Bassett (right) who has been a key force in our efforts to reach Boise's homeless with the gospel.
The homeless community in Boise continues to grow and there are many more couples, family's, very young children, and even lots of dogs now living on the streets. During the summer the area under the 16th street overpasses and the alleys around the shelter are filled with people sleeping outside. It's fine in the summer, but we are concerned about what the situation will be like for these people this winter as the shelter is now full even with so many choosing to sleep outside.
Many of the homeless congregate and sleep under the overpasses on 16th street across from Rhodes Park.
This little girl spends her days in Rhodes Park or under the overpasses surrounded by drugs, alcohol, violence, and crime. 
We saw an old friend that we have known from Rhodes Park for the last couple of years. He is an elderly blind man named "Slim" that is able to somehow survive in such a terrible environment. Slim and I had a good visit and we are hoping that soon we can have the old bus that the church owns up and running so we can pick up him and others and bring them to church each Sunday.
My good friend Sandy and I were able to speak with a man who is suffering under demonic influence which is prevalent in the Rhodes Park homeless community. He was at times belligerent and angry, but Sandy was able to calm him and he even agreed to let us pray with him. We promised him that we will continue to come back and visit with him. He is in a very dark place spiritually but we feel that the Holy Spirit will reach him if we continue to witness and pray with him regularly. (He would not let us take any photos of him).
Sandy speaking with a homeless woman who really seemed eager to get off the streets. We pray she will come to church and we will continue to reach out to her.
There is so much spiritual darkness and confusion in this city - it is a mission field with a vast opportunity to reach the lost and outcast with the amazing gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Take Up Your Cross Church is also a mission headquarters where we are striving to create a place where Christians who feel the urging of the Holy Spirit to be a vital part of the great commission can come and share Christ's joyous love with those who have given up hope and need a miracle that only God's grace can provide. 

Boise Idaho is a mission field ripe for the harvest and at the same time it is a battlefield full of false teachings and demonic influence. We are excited to be on the mission field and engaged in the battle - what an opportunity the Lord has blessed us with!
Shane with a new friend!
If you are interested in learning more about Take Up Your Cross Church please join us on Sunday's at 12:30pm for dessert and fellowship and 1:00pm for service. We are located at 511 E. 46th Street #24, Garden City, Idaho. For more info call Pastor Chad at 949-466-2729 or you can email me at

Please keep The Way Ministry, Take Up Your Cross, Valley Christian Center, and all of those involved and that we strive to reach in your prayers. 

If you would like to help support this ministry and mission please click on one of the donate buttons on the top right side of our website: We very much hope to get the church bus up and running and to be blessed with a volunteer to drive it each Sunday so we can provide rides to church for those who are unable to get around - especially the homeless, elderly, and handicapped.

God Bless,


Monday, August 18, 2014

A Great Day at Veterans Park!

Last Saturday Take Up Your Cross Church was blessed through Valley Christian Center in Horseshoe Bend, ID who sponsored a day at Veterans Park in which lunch was served and worship music was played for anyone who wanted to attend.

We had been handing out flyers for this event all over the Garden City and Boise area for the last few weeks which resulted in a good turnout. I hit the Rhodes Park area Saturday morning with flyers and am still amazed with how fast the homeless community in Boise is growing. Every time I go there I meet new people living on the streets, many who seem in shock as if their lives just somehow went the wrong direction and they ended up where they never thought they would. 

Saturday at the park provided those of us from Take Up Your Cross and Valley Christian Center to spend time just talking with people who were struggling and we were blessed with many opportunities to share the gospel. We will be doing it all again on September 6th and will end that day with baptisms in the Boise River.

Our hope and prayer is that Take Up Your Cross Church can be a place where anyone can come and hear the gospel, experience Christ's love, and be a part of true Christian fellowship regardless of what their societal status is or what struggles they may be suffering through.

Thank you to everyone that turned out and helped make it all happen!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Take Up Your Cross Church" is an answer to prayer!

A few months ago I received an email from a man named Tim who said that he was part of a very small church called "Take Up Your Cross" that meets in an industrial warehouse located in a very depressed part of Garden City here in the Boise Idaho area. He stated that the church was striving to reach out with the gospel to that mostly neglected area. Tim wrote that he listens to The Way Radio Show  and that he and the pastor share the same passion for the Lord and the gospel message as we convey on the show. He asked that we please consider meeting with him and the pastor of Take Up Your Cross as they were very much in need of help with direction and leadership as they move forward.

When I originally received the email my first thought was that we already had so much on our plate and were struggling to make ends meet so how could we take on a new obligation? So I did not respond right away and began to pray about it.

A few days later I received a phone call from the pastor of the church. His name is Steve and we seemed to be kindred spirits right from the first conversation. I asked him if he and Tim would like to attend our Tuesday night Recovery Reformation meeting so we could meet in person and talk. They came to the meeting and Doug and I liked them both right from the start.

The next Wednesday afternoon Doug and I went down and met Steve at the church. As soon as we came through the door we both loved the place. It is not fancy but you can tell the Holy Spirit is working there. It's the kind of church that is there simply to glorify and worship the Lord and proclaim the gospel. Then we headed out into the surrounding neighborhoods which are mostly trailer parks. As soon as we started meeting the people in those parks and Steve began introducing us to those he knew - my heart soared because I knew for certain that this was a place where a church could truly move toward those that are outcast and hurting and be for them a place of refuge and peace full of the light of Christ's love! From that moment on I understood why God had kept our ministry from finding a building for the last year. "Take Up Your Cross Church" was the door I had been praying for God to open for so long.

The front of the church with trees lining the Boise river in the background.
Doug has responsibilities and commitments with his church each Sunday so I became more directly involved with this new opportunity and Steve and I continued to meet on a regular basis and to pray for guidance in what my role should be with the church. Over time it became clear that Steve was overwhelmed with all that he was doing. He had been struggling to keep the church going for nearly three years with no outside help or support from other churches. We agreed that I would begin to preach for two Sunday's each month. However, within just a few weeks Steve was slammed with the severe illness of a very close family member and other personal issues. He asked if I would agree to go ahead and take over the lead role as pastor and I agreed.

The chapel at "Take Up Your Cross"
Last Sunday was my fifth Sunday of preaching at "Take Up Your Cross" and I have been amazed at what the Lord has already done. It is becoming clear that this church can be a place where Christians who feel the urging of the Holy Spirit to do more and Go Beyond their comfort zones can come and help share the gospel and help raise up disciples as Christ commanded us to in the great commission. And it's a place where those that are hurting and lost can come and experience the love of Christ. I truly feel that the Lord will bring people from two different sides of society together here in His name. This is the next level from what our ministry did with The Rhodes Park Outreach for eighteen months because now there is a place where we can really be with people in a central location all throughout the week and share the gospel and the love of Christ. It is truly an answer to prayer.

Matthew 28:19-20, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." 

The kids room at "Take Up Your Cross."
The challenges we face in the coming weeks and months are very big - but not too big for God. Tithes are very minimal as many in the congregation struggle just to put food on the table. Many people walk to this church because they do not have cars. We will be going out into the community during the week in order to identify individual needs as much as possible and to share the gospel with those that are shut in and cannot make it to church. Within a mile of this church is severe poverty, child neglect, single mom's, elderly shut in's, addiction, alcoholism, and just about any other fruit of this dark world. But the people from these neighborhoods that come to "Take Up Your Cross" are beautiful, passionate Christian believers who know the Lord can change this area for His glory. In other words, this church is exactly where a church needs to be!

We will need lots of committed help and support from Christians in order to continue forward in this mission. This church needs to be looked at and supported in the same way a mission church in a poor third world country would be. At this time the church has no funds whatsoever. We need you to please make a commitment to supporting "Take Up Your Cross" Church in any way you can and on a monthly basis if possible. And if you are a Christian who lives in the Boise area and feel the urging of the Holy Spirit to do more in serving others and helping to share the gospel please consider visiting the church any Sunday - services are at 1pm and we usually get there around 12:15 with some food, coffee and drinks for everyone. The church is located at 511 E. 46th Street #24, Garden City, Idaho.You can also call me at 949-466-2729 with any questions.

Please help "Take Up Your Cross" Church. Just visit our website: The Way Ministry and click on one of the donate buttons on the right side of the page and type "Take Up Your Cross" in the comment box at checkout. Please be generous and be a part of this awesome opportunity!

God Bless You All!

Chad Prigmore